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Desi Kaj is the largest job portal in Bangladesh. We have listed more than 5000 Jobs for skilled and unskilled people. Desi Kaj is helping people all over Bangladesh to search for jobs. All kinds of foreign, governments, semi governments or private jobs are listed for the jobs seeker. Desi Kaj is also helping employers to find the right candidates for their office. Desi Kaj working towards for a bridge between employer and jobs seeker.

Without Desi Kaj, we are not looking, so if we look closely we will find what we desire.

We are looking forward for a better skilled Bangladesh and for this reason Desi Kaj is there. We like to help people to find jobs they always wanted and we like to find the right people for the Employer.

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Searching for jobs never been that easy. Now you can find job matched your career expectation, apply for jobs and receive feedback right on your mobile. Get Desi Kaj  mobile app and start your job search now!customercustomer

Desi Kaj is the largest job portal in Bangladesh. We are providing training and job searching facility to young generation of Bangladesh. A portion of income of this website will be donated towards autistic young generation of Bangladesh.

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