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birds flock, fish school and SQ tribes…

By leveraging the fact of life of natural grouping, SQ visions to build an organization that would thrive on its tribal culture. After all, we all have a common story – SQ. The story of SQ, its attitude and the way it conducts its business are part of this segment. It’s all about what we are, not what we have.


It is often the idea of challenging the status quo that powers you forward. That idea, complemented with self-belief and a positive spirit, saw the birth of SQ in 1993. Almost on impulse and proving the adage true – life can and does begin at forty – Muhammad Ghulam Faruq left the comfort of his job at The World Bank/FAO to tread the uncertain path of entrepreneurship.Armed with confidence, determination, and the ability to think big, Faruq rented a space in Dhaka and pioneered a modern knitwear manufacturing business with only 160 machines. SQ, which quite simply is Superior Quality, was set on motion. The business lived this portrayal to the core, and soon the yields that came out of it, earned standing and were favored by the high street retailers.

The drive continued and resulted in further expansion of knitwear and accompanying yarn and piece dyeing facilities. In time, SQ ventured into much awaited product diversification – Lingerie and Shirt.

Two decades on, Bangladesh has matured as an apparel sourcing destination and SQ has evolved as a brand for the article. The journey carries on, bringing in the new generation to sustain continuity…

Way Of Life


SQ’s tagline of four simple words defines its attitude. If something is worth doing, then it is worth doing well. SQ is humble enough to acknowledge that it is not invincible, but arrogant enough to state that if it cannot stand tall in what it takes up, then it will not pursue it. SQ was born with the name Superior Quality and we will settle with no less.Delving deeper into the fundamentals of our tagline stand tall or naught, one can truly understand what SQ stands for. The stance of a man who stands tall essentially represents that he is proud of what he is doing or has accomplished. Here at SQ, we believe in being the best at what we do but only if it means doing it in the right way.

While commercial goals are integral to success, success for us is not only what we accomplish but how we accomplish it. This is where our naught comes in. For us to achieve victory, the aftermath should never result in victims.

SQ’s way of life is engraved in every aspect of the business. Yes, we want to stand tall but never at the expense of what we believe in. To be able to tower over the rest, we want to take the tall stance and that within itself is gratifying enough.


SQ is a known name and a brand itself in the clothing sector both at the local and international stage. While products have life cycles, brands can transcend time when managed well. The brand “SQ” is defined as a set of timeless customer benefits rather than particular product and services. Our corporate dictate is to unceasingly innovate and upgrade products and services to keep the brand fresh and relevant to make our business sustainable.

Following our dictate, SQ is re-branding itself this year. We have refreshed our logo and the look. We will now adhere to a new tagline – stand tall or naught – which is essentially our way of life here at SQ.

A lot of effort was put into redesigning our corporate look. Starting from the colors to the fonts, everything was revisited. We wanted to come up with something that highlights our tagline and our way of life. The corporate look, which is everything from our wallpaper, website, signage, billboards, communications and stationaries, will have an identifying texture. This texture is a graphical representation of the peak of a mountain towering over rest of the world, standing tall and proud.


The board, steered by the founder Muhammad Ghulam Faruq, comprises the natural team – his family. Being a family business the board is fearless in taking decisions and emotionally honest in expressing opinions. For them, solidarity and speed is the key. The board assesses and sets the directions of the business. It empowers the leadership teams to build their strategic competence, set standards and defines the core values and culture of SQ.

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Distinctly corporate, the below structure broadly illustrates the hierarchy layout, business sharing and operational responsibilities of the Board and the Leadership teams of SQ Group.


Leadership Team

The leadership team consists of a strong combination of national and international recruits. It is designed to provide SQ the capacity necessary to profitably compete in global business. The team appreciates and enjoys the distinctive work environment created by the family in business.


ARUNA MUTHUMUNIDirector, Corporate Excellence
SQ Group


ALOKE BAGCHIFinancial Advisor
Q Collection Pte. Ltd.


WARISUL ABIDChief People Officer
SQ Group

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